Hong Kong 2.0

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Symphony of lights

Why I went back to Hong Kong:

1. First and foremost, the fare was totally affordable. The idea of traveling abroad with fare way cheaper than going to other islands in the Philippines was quite tempting!

2. I never got to experience Victoria Peak’s beauty 4 years ago because it was too foggy, and we were almost late for our flight.

3. I’d be with one of my closest friends. I wanted to travel alone because I wanted to experience that, but having my amiga with me felt better. I didn’t regret not having HK all to myself.

4. I wanted to eat their street food! I was with my mom last time I visited the city, and she didn’t really like the idea of it.

5. I was dying to see Disneyland again, and I don’t even have to explain why.

So! I booked the flight last February; we flew on July. I am from Siquijor island so I still had to travel by sea in order to get to Cebu City. I stayed in Cebu for 4 days before we boarded, which gave me a loooot of time to shop, that depleted my allowance to HK!

When we arrived, we decided to change first before visiting Victoria Peak.

It was the first time I experienced tram ride, and it was not comfortable at all but everything’s worth it the moment I got to see this view.

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No fog at all.

Plus I was able to get a few photos with a number of my favorite Hollywood stars, just in their wax form though.

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Day 2 was spent in Ocean Park, and I was not supposed to revisit the place because I wanted to go on a culinary adventure. However, everyone was going, and I imagined all the rides, the shows, and the sites so I decided to just go with the crowd. Guess what? I did not regret it at all for I had an amazing time!

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Old HK street

My friend, her cousin, and I decided to have a ladies’ night after we got home form the park, and it was so much fun! We were supposed to spend it in a coffee shop and talk decently but we ended up spending it in a bar, full of men, smoke, and dating couples; I could barely remember how we went back to our hotel! I was certain though that we almost got lost and laughed our brains out.

Lastly, I could not imagine a Hong Kong trip without Disney. The first time I rode on its train last 2012, I got intense goosebumps, and the feeling did not change the moment I stepped inside it again this year.


Estimated amount spent (in Philippine Peso):

Siquijor to Cebu    – 600.00

Cebu  (4 days)       – 5000.00

Fare (2-way)         – 7000.00 (+ fees)

HK                           – 20000.00

Cebu – Siquijor   – 600.00


Total                      – Php 33,200.00



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