Newborn Screening Awareness Week



I know! The photo above seems like a party invitation, but that’s the best I can do! For now. Anyways, I have already written a quite formal composition about this event previously, so I am posting a lighter version here. I cannot really keep up with consistency that’s why I cannot just write straight news over and over. I came up with an outline in presenting whatever happened today because I found it easier to remember if it’s done like this. Okay, let’s just proceed….

So just this morning, the staff of Larena Rural Health Unit and Birthing Center hosted a newborn screening awareness activity dubbed “Newborn Screening Saves Babies” with pregnant and lactating mothers as participants in the Queengate Center. The highlights of the event were:

  1. There was a motorcade. Yes, but I don’t really have a clear idea of how it went because I failed to attend due to responsibilities.
  2. Dr. Jemma Fortich was the guest speaker. Here’s one major mistake – I kind of printed the wrong name initially in the invitation. It was quite embarrassing because we’ve already sent a copy to almost everyone! I blame my lack of initiative to ask questions before finalizing the program.
  3. The RHU Angels danced like you’ve never seen before! Promise. :b
  4. The participants were fewer than the targeted number, like only half showed up, but they were incredibly cooperative and lively.
  5. There was a question and answer segment – and those who answered correctly were given shirts, maternity kits, and FREE NEWBORN SCREENING “tickets” which they can use after delivery so they won’t need to worry about any payment for the procedure anymore!
  6. Mayor Dean Villa gave an inspiring message for the participants.
  7. We all sat in awe as we listened to our co-NDPs’ song number. Well, I currently have a copy of the video, but it’s not in its best quality because I recorded it live through Facebook. I could have had shared the entirety of it if I had not accidentally switched the camera in the middle of the presentation. So whatever you’d see in my Facebook timeline, that’s already the best trim – nearest to the episode when it shot my epic “nganga” face.
  8. The testimonies almost teared us up. Vice Mayor Cyrus Calibo also shared his experience on how newborn screening has saved the life of his son before he officially closed the activity. Honestly, it was very nice of him to show his vulnerability to everyone.
  9. The meat roll was to die for. 😀





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