My Top 10 Accomplishments this Year at 27


1.I celebrated my first anniversary in Sun Life

I did not expect that I would be able to commit to continuing paying my premiums but I did! For a year! and that is already an accomplishment. 🙂

2. I stayed away from online shopping

Before, I used to buy things online like 3 to 5 times a month. Now, I only get to buy things when I need them. For example, the last time I bought a dress and a pair of shoes online was before my cousin’s wedding. I bought those items because I was told I’d be a reader in the ceremony, and of course, I had to look good while facing everyone. ;b

3. I got a new phone

I know this is not extremely necessary but my old mobile phone was almost 2 years old, and I thought replacing it would make me feel refreshed, and I did feel new!

4. I went back to Hong Kong

I may have gone to Hong Kong a few years back but I was not really able to visit all of the tourist spots so I have decided to visit the place on my own (initially). However, my friend told me that she’d be going as well and my travel became more epic!

5. I opened a new bank account

This, my friend, is adulting. 😀

6. Kevin surprised me several times

This is an accomplishment because he’s the type who does not talk a lot, who is not very romantic, but he surprised me several times this year! ❤

7. I bought my mom a necklace

Although she paid 1/4 of the amount, I still consider this as something special because I seldom spend on expensive gifts! 😀

8. I minimized eating Cheetos

I used to consume packs of Cheetos in a month, but I suddenly realized that I am not getting any younger and I have to stay healthy so I quit (no, minimized) eating Cheetos. There were months this year that I did not even try to buy one even if it was already in front of me. Slow clap, please.

9. I took the IELTS and got __.

Really, English is extremely hard for some of us because it is obviously not our first language. Using diverse vocabulary is tough, constructing perfect grammar is almost impossible. Getting a good score on that exam was satisfying.

10. I got a COE from a certain university

And the rest is still unwritten….