Getting Through A Tough Time

January has been extremely rough for me. I literally underwent DABDA. I am not stating the exact reason why. Well, I was just very unproductive, transformed my room into a mess, cried a lot, forgot all about my beauty regimen (as if beautiful 😂), ate a lot, like extremely a lot. Everyday was a challenge and it was hard to get through each day. I then decided to come to the city to have a bit of “fresh” air. I was already suffocated by my routines everyday at home. Now I am a little bit fine. I am transitioning, I think.

So! This was me during my drafting of my resignation letter 4 days ago. After years of being in the DOH, I finally let go. I was sobbing the whole time I was writing this (OA, I know! And yes, in Jollibee – bida ang saya 😂) but DOH has been the only life I knew since I graduated so please understand. Now I am off to a new month, and you, too.

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My point here is everyone faces different challenges in life everyday and I hope that we’ll not laugh at each other’s difficulties and fights. I hope that no one will ever get through what I have experienced this month, or any other depressing event (even if that’s not possible) because it’s just literally draining.

Lastly, this month, I have learned that it is indeed true that you can be happy if you choose to despite changes.