O Week

The past days have been quite overwhelming. As you can see, it’s my first time to travel to the land down under. Australia has always been one of my dream places and to be given the chance to stay here even for just a short while has been such a blessing. Of course I have always known that life here wouldn’t be all bed of roses, but that does not mean that I am not living a good life. Our perspectives with our lives differ. I consider mine good because even if I don’t have any family here, I have experienced God’s presence here the most. I’ll tell you why…

1. I had one smooth flight. Flight 5J39 was supposed to be canceled but 2 minutes after, the staff announced it’d push through.

2. Even if I don’t have any family in Sydney, I felt sooo loved when I arrived there. Thanks to Jec, a friend way younger than I am but chose to be with me that time and carried my luggage from time to time.

3. When I came to Canberra, another friend came for me – toured me around, distracted me, and even fed me for days. 😂

4. I have received lots of free stuffs, including free food.

5. I ❤ my room! I could not ask for more.

6. I had problems with so many stuffs but a person helped me get through all of those and fixed my 3-day problem in just a matter of minutes.

7. Even if I did not cry when I left my country, I have always known that I’d break down one day and it really happened on my 3rd day here. I was exhausted, disappointed, and extremely sad. Good thing Kevin was there. My boyfriend has always been my pillar. ❤

8. I could not set up a mobile number here because my previous phone would not allow other networks. It was lock. I had no phone number for days. Realizing that my 6s could  not be used here was devastating. I was lucky enough though to be told that I could buy an internet device and just use wifi.

9. After getting a new phone from one of the malls here, I got lost. It was 2:30 and I had an appointment to attend at 2:45 so I took a taxi instead. The driver knew I was new to the place and we talked about … well, life in general. I told him mine, how stressed I was, how difficult it was to be such a stranger, almost everything. I was venting! So here’s the catch – While we were still on the way, he stopped the meter and told me to just pay the displayed amount and I was still like a minute or two to my destination. He said he was once like me. 😭🙏🏼

10. I was not able to enjoy market day because I was pretty much occupied. When I visited Comm Bank this noon, the teller asked me if I visited their booth. I told her I was not able to do so because life was cruel. Kidding! Just because! And she asked me if I miss my family back home, told me she was AGAIN, like me before and gave me a bag of strange stuffs before I went out. She even said I could just visit the bank if I’d need someone to talk to. It’s funny, but it was very uplifting.

11. I bought things just this afternoon. Really important stuffs by the way, including food. I carried around 6 heavy bags with me while walking around the mall. Usually, I’d get a taxi, well, if I were in Cebu. However, that place was quite far from where I live so I opted for bus. I was like santa claus bringing all those bags of goods but my hands did not surrender, surprisingly! I was able to lift everything til I got inside the bus. While traveling, that’s when I felt the strains. That’s when my hands shivered, and that was my first time to ride a bus from the mall to my place so I was extremely scared. I did not know if I could get to the right stop. Another amazing thing: Just 6 stops to my place, a man stepped inside the bus and I then realized he’s my neighbor! Of course, we’d both land over the same stop. When we arrived at gum street, he then offered to bring my bags. 😭👏🏻 I was saved from my anxiety over bus stop and my exhaustion from all the bags.

I know… there will still be more difficulties, but I trust Him. I know He has plans for everyone, and He will never forsake me, nor you. 🙂