Bondi: a first

On the last days of March, my friend and I decided to go to Sydney to have a bit of relaxation and fun – away from all the things we know in Canberra. It was an instant! I only had around 30 minutes to pack because I still had to meet someone before I left.

The bus ride to Sydney was short (3 hours 😂) and exciting because I had someone with me who I have known for a very long time. We arrived at around 7 PM so we checked in to our hotel first before strolling around the vicinity of the Opera House to grab some food. We spotted this very decent place near the bay and the view we had was spectacular!


I had calamari with potato salad and Tara had fish and chips. The food was a bit expensive but the price was not as high as we expected.

After dinner, we grabbed some drinks because Sydney ain’t Sydney without alcohol. The best part was the fireworks display. 🙂

We went back to the hotel full and satisfied. The next day, we went to the airport to meet someone then right after, I went straight to another friend’s place who I had not seen for months. By the way, he was the one who welcomed me when I first arrived in Australia. We had a good breakfast before deciding to go to Bondi – one of my favorite favorite favorite places! I have always wanted to see that place which I only saw on Instagram. I have always wanted to witness the waves smashing to that huge pool which people, including celebrities, capture and upload in their accounts.

So it was just a short bus ride and the moment I saw the place, I was nearly in tears. I know! That’s quite an exagerated reaction for a beach but I had goosebumps all over! What could I do? 😂✌🏼

Good thing my friends were all game for it – we ordered a platter of seafood, salad, and a lamb dish which kind of perfected the Bondi experience.

I told myself that being alone in this continent ain’t so bad after all because I still get to meet a few of my good friends plus I have the chance to travel to places I have not been before. I also get to experience being with people who have different culture and religion which makes me more open minded about other races.

All of those worries, stress, and restlessness were all lifted because of that trip. My next stop will be ——-. (Hopefully this May or June!) I can’t wait to go there and share again the experience!

How about you? Where’s your next journey? 😉