End of Term

I’ll make this short because I am not certain if I am allowed to talk about anything academic here. The past two months has been such a wild ride. I haven’t eaten well because — I was stressed out with all the duties and stuffs; one of my closest friends in Australia went home (for good); my neighbor, who was so close to my heart as well, moved to Brisbane; I had exams; I had assessments; my Mom’s annual medical check up did not turn out to be that good; I started working after months of relying to Papa’s finances; I gave away my other beloved iPhone; and my heart got broken (kidding). 😂

So as not to be choked up with all of those, I went out. You know, I had to give myself a break. I thought about simple stuffs – watch how the sun sets over and over, maybe even chase sunrise if that’s possible, play with dogs, eat a slice of cake, get lost, get found – I was up for anything! Luckily, I was able to go outside the jurisdiction of my “usual” spaces with the help of some good friends. 

I am fortunate to have met a few good people in Canberra (drama starts now). It just feels nice to have someone to laugh with (and laughed at). For me, it does not really matter where we all come from, what our individual lives are, and how we even met, which I forgot by the way, as long as we make each other feel comfortable and cared for. 

So that’s it! That’s the end of the term.